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May 9, 2005
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Drifting Chevy SS by donbenni Drifting Chevy SS by donbenni
A follow on from the S15. Similar style, similar angle, still from Gran Turismo 4. GT4 is an expendable source for awesome photos, can't wait till i get it so i can take some even nicer shots myself!

Oh if anyone knows what this car actually is, i'd love to know!

Would appreciated some C&C too, be as brash and blunt as you like, or praising depending on your mood (kkz lol).

And yeah i am knocking them out at a bit of a rate at the moment. You might think it's because i've got a load of time on my hands, but that would be bollocks. It's completely the opposite. I'm utilising my procrastination and getting down with Photoshop instead of my revision! Oh well, i like tooning :)

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nawabazone Featured By Owner May 12, 2011
ScottaHemi Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
must be hard to drift a chevelle. I like the style you used on it. as for CnC. i think the SS logo looks a bit off. but otherwise no more complaints
DarkMaverickZero Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2007
I absolutely love your attention to detail, even down to the little vent on the cowling.
delfinweb Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2006
awesome :O!!!!!!!!!!
under18carbon Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2005
Wooo, looks awesome! How did you do the smoke effects? :bucktooth: Great work as always... just love the attention to the surroundings. The tire wall... looks like a tire wall. :lol: Great job once again!
Remirez Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2005
and this is awesome.
synthroeaesiac Featured By Owner May 10, 2005   Digital Artist
i got some pics u can play with if u want...mainly drifting ones..... very nice toon though... :thumbsup:
TheBurningDonut Featured By Owner May 10, 2005  Hobbyist Digital Artist
My dream come true!


A 1969- no older than 71 Chevelle SS (I actually owned an Olds Cutlass that was built on the same frame, but was WAY crappy with a shamefully small 330 CC inch engin) this one came with a 427 (Or 7 liter) engin!

I thought I was the only one crazy anough to think up such a thing!
RoMoCOP Featured By Owner May 10, 2005
drifting in a boat such as the chevelle? next to impossible lol
TheBurningDonut Featured By Owner May 10, 2005  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Impossible you say?

Hell no! The key is just not to go to fast! The old muscle cars had so much tourque pulling a "drift" was almost the only way to corner the damn things!

Well yah going with a smaller car would be easier like a '65 mustang or a 64 GTO would be easier to do you could get a much bigger "WOW" facter with a bigger car.

Ever wonder why Caddies were used in so many car chase movies? Because there brakes could lock up real easy and they allways had anough tourque to keep the wheels loose!

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